Terms And Conditions

  1. Merchant agrees to offer its products and/or services through a discounted deal voucher which will be promoted and advertised by wedeal to its members through the wedeal website at www.wedeal.com.
  2. A deal voucher for redemption through Merchant will be activated and delivered by wedeal to a wedeal member when request and payment for such deal voucher is made by the wedeal member during the period that the advertised offer is available on the wedeal website (the "Run Period"). The actual dates of the Run Period will be determined by wedeal (after consultation with Merchant) in its sole discretion and is subject to change without notice to Merchant. No agreed minimum threshold of vouchers must be requested for the offer to become valid.
  3. Once a deal voucher is accepted, activated and obtained by a wedeal member, Merchant will become solely responsible to honor the voucher and provide the products and/or services described in the voucher. Merchant agrees that the voucher will remain valid at least through the expiration date set forth above.
  4. Once the Run Period ends, wedeal will notify Merchant of the total amount of the vouchers sold for which wedeal has been paid and will deliver to Merchant a list of all names that purchased the offer to be used to monitor the use of the deal vouchers.
  5. wedeal will pay the Merchant the agreed percentage amount of the total sale (the "Remittance Amount") as follows: 5O percent of the Remittance Amount within 10 business days after the end of the Run Period, and the remaining 5O percent within 30 business days of the end of the Run Period.
  6. Merchant grants wedeal the right to use Merchant's graphic images, text and other content provided to wedeal for the purpose of promoting the voucher. wedeal may advertise that the Merchant is a present or past customer at no cost to wedeal.
  7. Should Merchant dishonor any wedeal member vouchers (whether because Merchant closed its business or otherwise), wedeal has the right to recover money for the portion of all unused deal vouchers of its members from the Merchant.
  8. wedeal may terminate this Agreement by giving Merchant written notice of such termination at any time. The termination of this Agreement will not in any way affect the responsibility of the Merchant to honor issued vouchers .
  9. Merchant agrees that it will not offer or advertise a similar deal to the one described herein directly or through another website voucher program during the Run Period and for a period of 60 days thereafter.
  10. Merchant may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to wedeal no less than 10 days prior to the beginning date of any Run Period. Upon Merchant's written request, wedeal, in its sole discretion, may agree to terminate this Agreement during the 10-day period before any Run Period; provided, however, Merchant shall pay to wedeal a termination fee of $5OO if wedeal agrees to such termination.
  11. Merchant represents and warrants that Merchant has the right, power and authority to enter into this Agreement and that the vouchers issued to wedeal's members shall be available for Immediate use and redemption by members.
  12. Merchant accepts and agrees to comply with the deal voucher terms and conditions as set forth on the wedeal website.
  13. Merchant agrees to comply with any and all State or Federal laws that govern vouchers, gift cards, coupons and/or gift certificates, including, without limitation,laws related to expirations.
    After the expiration of any voucher, the Merchant shall allow the member to redeem the deal voucher with Merchant for the amount which is no less than the actual cash value paid by member for the voucher.
  15. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Illinois, without regard to the conflict of law principles thereof. This Agreement may be executed in one or more counterparts. Signed agreements delivered by facsimile or electronic transmission are valid and binding. The individual executing this Agreement on behalf of any party is authorized to do so. This Agreement governs Merchant's offer described above; additional offers will be subject to separate agreements.